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Healthy Halloween Fun for Kids

This is the last weekend before Halloween! Your kids must be so excited! Do they have costumes already? Or are you doing some last minute costume shopping this weekend? (hey, it happens!) This is also a great weekend for fun Halloween activities like pumpkin carving and kid-friendly spooky events around Victoria.

Sometimes it seems kids get so excited for Halloween that they can hardly sit still the few days leading up to it. It can drive any parent mad!

That's why we put together this MASSIVE (68 pages to be exact!) Halloween colouring and activity printout ebook for you to download to help occupy your kids this weekend (& did we mention it's 100% FREE!).

There are pages for both you and the kids to colour, activity pages that will also (sneakily) educate them about being tooth healthy and candy safe this year (obviously we had to throw that in!), games to play, masks to cut out (in case you still need a costume) and even pumpkin carving stencils. Like we said, it's HUGE! There is a lot in this free ebook to keep your kids busy this weekend.

Just download the book and print what you want to use. That's it!

And we would be remiss if we didn't include a guide to help you and your kids determine the best and worst candies when it comes to cavity criminals. This handy cheat sheet from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry makes it quick and easy to figure out the worst offenders:

Hope you have a spectacularly spooky and SAFE Halloween!

Here is the free eBook Download:

Victoria Dental Group Halloween Activity eBook


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