302-1001 Cloverdale Ave. Victoria BC, V8X 4C9

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday - 8am to 4pm
  Contact : 250-386-3624

About Us


Who We Are

Victoria Dental Group is a progressive dental practice located in the central Uptown area of Victoria. Our emphasis is on providing quality dental care to meet the needs of each patient, with a focus of preventive dentistry. We treat entire families - from young children and adolescents to adults and senior citizens. Each patient is recognized as an individual with differing needs and circumstances.

Our Process

With clinical services provided by our dentist, hygienist, and certified assistant, you can be assured that your dental needs will be provided in a skilled and comfortable manner. You are in full control of the decision making process. Prior to beginning treatment, options will be discussed with you so that you may rest easy knowing your needs, including budget and comfort levels, have been well thought out and cared for.

Call Us to Discuss Your Dental Needs

Do you have questions about what treatments you need? Call us today and our friendly staff are happy to help.