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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric (Kids) Dentistry

We have a vast experience in treating children in the practice. Our approach is to provide treatment in a caring, supportive environment.

Our basis is that preventive dentistry is the starting point - this involves early, timely, and regular checkups. This has proven best for your child in that it is best to catch any issues when they are early and small - whether a cavity or a crowding problem.

Our regular checkups include a fluoride treatment, along with brushing and flossing instructions.

Depending on your child and their teeth, we may recommend sealants be bonded on the chewing surfaces of some teeth, especially those hard-to-reach back molars.

For a fun way to get your kids in the habit of brushing regularly, print out this handy teeth-brushing chart for them to colour in every morning and evening once they've brushed their teeth:

For some added fun, to keep them brushing long enough, here's a kids tooth brushing musical and video playlist to entertain them while the brush: