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Cosmetic Treatments to Improve Your Smile

Did you know that the majority of Canadians believe that an attractive smile is an important social asset? There is nothing worse than feeling reluctant to smile in public because you are feeling self-conscious about your teeth. Whether it is a chipped tooth or an unsightly stain, even a small imperfection can breed major insecurities.

Luckily, there are a number of different cosmetic treatments out there that can help you to improve your smile and regain your confidence.


In-office tooth bleaching procedures are an excellent way to brighten your smile and remove unattractive stains from your teeth. In-office bleaching procedures offer improved results over home-based bleaching kits. Typically, in-office bleaching will lighten the teeth between three and eight shades over the course of several 30- to 60-minute sessions.


Dental bonding is actually one of the quickest and easiest cosmetic dental treatments and is an ideal option for individuals who have chipped, uneven, discoloured, or gapped teeth. Essentially, this procedure involves the application of resin, a putty-like substance, to the surface of the tooth in order to fill in any chips or gaps or colour over any discolouration. After it has been applied, the resin is smoothed to the desired shape and then trimmed and polished. The dental bonding process typically takes less than an hour per tooth.


A crown is a type of dental restoration procedure that is used in order to replace the exterior portion of a tooth. This helps to restore the original function of the tooth in the case that it has been damaged, decayed, or worn down, and also helps to improve the tooth aesthetically.

Contouring & Reshaping:

Contouring, or reshaping, is an incredibly easy and effective way to eliminate minor imperfections in your teeth. Essentially, the process involves removing small parts of the tooth enamel in order to alter the shape, length, or surface of the tooth. Although the imperfections being eliminated might be minor, the results can have a huge impact on your smile. Slight changes can make a surprisingly big difference. Believe it or not, even a few millimetres of reduction can dramatically alter the appearance of your smile.


Veneers are essentially thin shells that can be placed over a tooth in order to change the tooth’s size, colour, shape, or length. They can typically be made from either porcelain or resin. While porcelain veneers are more stain-resistant, resin veneers better mimic the actual surface of a tooth and are thinner. Veneers are an excellent solution to fix teeth that have been worn down or chipped, or teeth that are poorly shaped or misaligned.

All in all, there are a variety of different cosmetic procedures out there that can help you easily and affordably improve your smile. Contact us to learn which procedure is right for you.

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